Interactive CDs/DVDs

Do you need to give a business presentation that will leave a lasting impression on your audience?Or do you have a great product or service, but have no idea how to give it a professional image?Interactive CDs/DVDs can greatly enhance your company’s image. With their high storage capacity, full audio/video capabilities, rich user interfaces, and speed, interactive CDs/DVDs can stand-alone or support your current marketing initiatives.

When you need to make a presentation or impress a client, nothing is better than an interactive CD/DVD. You can fit tons of information, voice, video, and data onto a CD/DVD. Unlike the Internet, bandwidth is not a problem. For the ultimate presentation, this is the key.

Sadacnet can provide you with Interactive CDs/DVDs which greatly enhance your marketing concept. By understanding your objectives, we will ensure that your interactive CD/DVD or web site is the driving force or an effective extension of your current marketing efforts. The following services are offering together with interactive CDs/DVDs as options:

tick2 Digital Video Taking (Optional)

tick2  Web site developed from CD/DVD concept



tick2 Air Zimbabwe
tick2 Zimbabwe Tourism Authority
tick2 Khanondo Travel