ICT Training


Sadac ICT Training Center has a wide range of ICT training courses that will teach you the necessary skills to advance in your chosen career or enter the job market with confidence. These courses focus on teaching you computer skills that you can use in your job every day.
We allow you to study these training courses at your convenience and at your own pace and invest in your future, today.
Sadac ICT Training Center is well placed to facilitate the development of core skills and expertise, as required by the ICT sector both locally and abroad.

Why should I enrol for a Computer Studies course?

In today’s working environment, computer skills are becoming a prerequisite for almost any type of job. Most office workers are required to be familiar with word processors, spreadsheets, e-mail applications and internet browsers. By studying an introductory computer course, or a course in Microsoft Office, you will learn basic computer skills that will benefit you in any job role. Due to the increasing use of computers in the workplace, many more jobs have become available in the field of information technology (IT). If you are interested in pursuing a career in IT, you can study one of our more specialised courses, which focus on aspects such as hardware and networking, server administration, security, web design and graphic design. - See more at ICT Training Courses and Linux and Open Source courses