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Content Management System

Get the Content Control You Need with Powerful Content Management Systems

Getting control of all of your content online is essential to your marketing efforts. A solid content management system (CMS) gives you control over all of your internal processes, giving you the ability to build dynamic content pages on-the-fly. Management of the CMS is easy and requires no knowledge of HTML.

In order to ensure maximum benefit, Sadacweb helps each company decide which CMS systems works best with your server environment, and your unique corporate needs. We offer the following CMS: ASP .NET, SharePoint, DNN, Kentico Sitefinity, Umbraco, Typo3, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and more. Our Content Management System sites are open source, and compatible with all major browsers. Sadacweb is technology agnostic and choosing us gives you an expert team that has developed more than 1,00 commercial websites. Benefits of Sadacweb’s Content Management System
  • Easy to use interface
  • Secure login for document access and modification
  • Faster access to information and updating of webpages
  • Provides an accurate audit trail
  • Upholds page standardization and branding consistency

Sadacweb E-Commerce Solutions

Do Business with a Prize-winning eCommerce Website

Attracting customers to your webpage is easier when you have beautiful custom-designed e-Commerce web pages that presents your products in a prize-winning style. At Sadacweb, we understand that a high quality interactive eCommerce website is needed to ensure that customers want to do business with you.

In order to present your shoppers with a highly satisfactory and secure experience, we ensure that your customers not only get attractive pages, but also that they can easily navigate through your site, with all back-end processes integrated and working smoothly.

Sadacweb also helps you develop branding for your e-Commerce website pages, and develop any support features you need to efficiently operate your business. This includes Inventory Management, Product Development, Returned Merchandise Authorization (RMA) Management, User Access Control, Client Interface, Web Email Management, Knowledge Management, and more.

In addition to your e-Commerce pages, Sadacweb will also help you develop and implement a high quality marketing strategy. Our marketing experts can help you target your market, incorporate the latest SEO, and develop any materials needed to enable you to make a better profit.

Mobile Web site

Increase Your Market Share with a Mobile Website

Shoppers are rapidly changing the way they do business online. Business owners need to be aware of this emerging trend so they don’t lose out on potential profit streams. About 20 percent of all Internet traffic now comes from mobile devices.

Without a mobile website specifically designed for mobile devices users cannot adequately view, navigate, or buy from your website. Failure to adapt to this emerging paradigm can result in lost revenue. Your site needs to be designed specifically for mobile users in order to meet their unique needs, which are different from those of traditional Internet users.

Sadacweb is ready to create highly efficient and attractive webpages that enable your mobile visitors to successfully interact with your business. We have been creating mobile websites for years, with many businesses across multiple industry verticals. We also ensure that users can easily discover your address and phone number (with a “Click-to-call” option) and get a map— since many mobile users will want to visit your business when they are in the area.

While designing your mobile webpages, we always keep in mind your brand and that of your competitors – making your site unique and able to impress your visitors. We give you the power to tap into the market of mobile users and increase your bottom line.